Distillery & Organic Farm Thauerböck

The farm

The agricultural enterprise ist located in Austria (4273 Kaltenberg). The farm is a family business and organic certified since 1992.

The philosophy of the farm is the appreciation of the nature and environment. The key issue is the diversity. Mario and Monika have a broadly variety of goods. Thereof every product is made in a small sized amount. All products are made with love and characterized by high quality.

About us

Since the 12th of December in 2012 Monika and Mario run the farm. The have absorbed the agricultural enterprise of Marios parents Herta and Josef.

our products

All products are for the most part handmade. Diversity is a main purpose. The following organic products are made on the farm:
– whisky
– gin
– spirits
– liquor
– tea
– products from spelt (flour, rice, semolina)
– noodles
– resin
– meat (beef, pork, chicken)
– bacon
– sausages
– jam

Products in the farmshop made by other companys and farms in the region:
– flaxseed oil
– chili sauce
– pepper spread
– beer
– tonic water
– chocolate
– muesli
– caviar made of mustard seeds
– coffee
– sweets


Our products are available
– in our farm shop
– via order by mail

Guided tours
We also offer guided tours through our farm and destillery in English. Please ask therefor in advance to fix a date.

animals on the farm

Pigs, cattle and chickens are living on the farm and can enjoy the nature every day. They stay in small groups.


The famous hiking and pilgrims’ path called Johannesweg is a beautiful circular route and goes past the farm. The path has a distance of 84 km and will be walked trough 3 or 4 days. On the Thauerböck farm the hikers can make a rest. They get drinking water and distillates and furthermore they can go shopping in the farm shop and use the toilett.


BioBrennerei & Biohof Thauerböck
Silberberg 8
4273 Kaltenberg
0043 680 3152482

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